Target Species - List of Asilidae species used for the morphological phylogenetic study on Asilidae

This list summarises the species that are available for a morphological analysis of relationships of Asilidae species as part of the Ph.D. dissertation conducted by Torsten Dikow.

The specimens have been obtained from the following natural history museum collections and the assistance of the respective curators is appreciated:

  • ANIC - Canberra, Australia
  • MZSP - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • UCCC - Concepciòn, Chile
  • ZSMC - Munich & MWNH - Wiesbaden, Germany
  • NMSA - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
  • CUIC - Ithaca, AMNH - New York, BYU - Provo, CSCA - Sacramento, CAS - San Francisco, and USNM - Washington, USA
  • You can download a PDF-file (152 kb large) here

    The online version will hopefully be accessible soon as there are currently problems with SVG-viewer plugins in many browsers.