Phylogenetic Relationships – introduction

The phylogenetic relationships of taxa within the monophyletic Asilidae are still relatively poorly known as it is a speciose clade of more than 7000 species. The Asilidae attracted much attention from dipterists and many revisionary projects and ecological studies were undertaken. Despite this interest, only very recently have advances in understanding the major evolutionary events during the phylogenetic history of the Asilidae been made.

The pages provided here will give an overview of what is known so far and point out recent studies that incorporated morphological as well as DNA-sequence data to reconstruct the phylogeny of the Asilidae or subtaxa within it.

  • Dikow 2009b - molecules + morphology
  • Dikow 2009a - morphology
  • recent studies (2002–present)
  • dissertation studies by Torsten Dikow (2002–2007)
  • past studies (20th century)