Phylogenetic Relationships - past studies

The table below summarises past studies that addressed the classification or phylogeny of Asilidae or a subgroup thereof.

A discussion of previous phylogenetic hypotheses is not as straightforward as one might expect. It is important to investigate if the past study is based on the same phylogenetic methodology that we use today. A Hennigian analysis by hand without a computer algorithm is truly phylogenetic and can be compared to present studies, but hypotheses based on overall similarity cannot be compared to new phylogenetic hypotheses. The analysis method is indicated in the table below based on my interpretation.

Table summarising previous classificatory or phylogenetic studies of Asilidae.
Publication Analysis method Taxa included Remarks
Macquart 1838 similarity Asilidae
Schiner 1862 similarity Asilidae
McAtee 1919 similarity Nearctic Laphria
Hermann 1920 similarity Asilidae
Hardy 1927a similarity Asiloidea Asilidae is paraphyletic
Hardy 1927b similarity & diagnostic key Asilidae
Hardy 1934 similarity Australian Asilidae
Karl 1959 phylogenetic Asilidae male terminalia
Hull 1962 non matrix-based similarity Asilidae
Lehr 1969 non matrix-based similarity Asilidae
Artigas 1971 phenetic Chilean Asilidae
Papavero 1973a non matrix-based similarity Asilidae except Leptogastrinae
Papavero 1973b non matrix-based similarity Dasypogoninae
Papavero & Bernardi 1973 non matrix-based similarity Blepharepium
Lamas 1973 non matrix-based similarity Cylicomera and Prolepsis
Oldroyd 1974 non matrix-based similarity Asilidae
Papavero 1975 non matrix-based similarity Megapodini
Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 phylogenetic Dioctriini + Echthodopini
Artigas & Reyes 1977 phenetic Mallophora
Artigas & Angulo 1980 phenetic Mallophora
Fisher 1986 phylogenetic Andrenosomatini and Dasyllis unpublished
Scarbrough 1990 phylogenetic Ommatius (pumilus group)
Lehr 1991 non matrix-based similarity Palaearctic Laphriinae
Mazzarolo 1994 phylogenetic Leptogastrinae unpublished
Lehr 1996 non matrix-based similarity Asilidae
Mazzarolo 1999 phylogenetic Laphriinae unpublished
Cannings 2002 phylogenetic Stichopogoninae
Bybee et al. 2004 phylogenetic Asilidae molecular
Artigas et al. 2005 phylogenetic Tillobroma
Artigas & Parra 2006 phylogenetic Alyssomyia
Dikow 2009a phylogenetic Asilidae morphology
Dikow 2009b phylogenetic Asilidae molecules + morphology

Note: non matrix-based similarity refers to studies that employ similarity evaluation without a character analysis in the Hennigian sense; phenetic stands for similarity evaluation with a character matrix and an algorithm to calculate distances.


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