Target Species - List of target taxa for phylogenetic studies on Asilidae

The following list provides an overview of Fritz Geller-Grimm's and Torsten Dikow's thoughts on genera of which representatives are important to incorporate in phylogenetic analyses of the Asilidae - whether they are/will be based on morphological or molecular characters.

Our aim with these lists is:

  • to encourage interest in collecting representatives of these genera to make ethanol-preserved material available for future DNA-sequence studies and freshly killed specimens for morphological studies !
  • to open up a discussion about important taxa for phylogenetic studies (inclusion or exclusion of certain genera that we missed while compiling these lists) !
  • You can download a PDF-file (last update 21 May 2009; 200 kb file size) here.

    The online version will hopefully be accessible soon as there are currently problems with SVG-viewer plugins in many browsers.